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Rob Palmer

Rob Palmer
As a naturalist, Rob has been involved with animals since he was very young. He has always had a passion for birds of prey, and has pursued that passion throughout his adult life. In college, he spent numerous hours studying the nesting territories of prairie falcons in Northeastern Colorado, and additional time researching screech owls nesting along the Boulder Creek trail in the center of Boulder, Colorado.  Rob taught life science and biology for seven years in the late eighties and early nineties. Since that time, he has spent most of his free time studying raptors and refining his photography techniques.

Photography has always been a part of Rob's life. He began taking pictures with a Polaroid black and white camera when he was twelve, then quickly moved on to a 35 mm SLR. His first SLR was a Kowa. In high school he became the school's photographer and was able to use the school's Pentax cameras. The basics in photography have stuck with him.  Rob shoots all Canon Digital with lenses up to 500 mm. 

2005:  Mating Avocets, Winner Birds Category, National Wildlife Magazine, Back Cover
2005:  Goldeneye and ducklings, Winner Birds Category, Wild Bird Magazine
2006:  Swift Fox with Kangaroo Rat, Winner Animal Behavior, National Wildlife Magazine
2007:  Pronghorn Jumping,  Grand Prize Winner, Wildlife Photographer of the Year/National Wildlife Magazine
2007/2008:  Hovering Kestrel, Winner Birds Category, National Wildlife Magazine
2008:  Battling Eagles, Image of the Year, Photographic Society of America
2009:  Eagle and Blackbird, BBC Wildlife Winner Bird Behavior Category
2009:  Eagle and Starling, Grand Prize Winner, National Wildlife Magazine
2009/10: Battling Eagles, Grand Prize Winner, Audubon Magazine (Cover Photo)
2011:  Fighting Prairie Chickens, Two owls, Nature’s Best Magazine highly honored.

Rob was featured on the cover of Birders World, Living Bird and American Falconry, and published two books, and was the principle photographer for three other books.  Please visit Rob’s website for more information: