In response to long-term population declines of kestrels in North America, The Peregrine Fund's American Kestrel Partnership is unifying the data-generating capacity of citizen scientists with the research expertise of professional scientists to advance conservation of the American Kestrel.

The American Kestrel Partnership consists of more than 600 partners. We are recording data from more than 1,400 kestrel nests, from Alaska to Argentina. Get the details.

American Kestrel Partnership segments

We are planning website maintenence next week (Feb 13-17, 2017) which will temporarily affect the ability for partners to input data. Please plan for interrupted access to your data entry capabilities. We will be back up and running as soon as possible. We thank you for your patience while we work!
- AKP Staff

Spring is coming - Time to tidy up!

American Kestrel courtship can begin in February in many parts of the USA, so nest box season is upon us!

It is best to clean out kestrel nest boxes before January, but if you haven't gone out and done it yet, be sure to tidy them up soon! Clean bedding is a great way to maximize success in nest boxes.

While kestrels will nest on top of old detritus from the previous year, it could increase the chances of disease or parasites finding their way to nestlings. It is best to offer kestrels a clean foundation to raise the next generation!

Thank You!

The American Kestrel Partnership is made possible with support from these generous donors:

Michele and Agnese Cestone Foundation, Coypu Foundation, Honoring the Memory of Molly Dudlak, Felburn Foundation, The Kemmerer Family Foundation, Judith King, Jane Smith Turner Foundation, Lynn and Jack Loacker and Deida Runswick (Kemmerer Foundation).

We also greatly appreciate the numerous supporting organizations that sponsor this project.