During the winter, a still photo from inside our kestrel nestbox will be added to this page every 10 minutes. The gallery will contain the past 24 hours. We have seen a male American Kestrel and a Northern Flicker using the box so far.

Video system provided by Bosch and Matt Thomas of New/Era Sales, Inc.
Additional support provided by:
Intermountain Bird Observatory Idaho Dept. of Fish and Game

American Kestrel Nestlings Fledge

The 2014 kestrels take their first flights.

American Kestrel Fights an Invasive European Starling for Nestbox

The Bosch KestrelCam captured this battle between a kestrel and a starling early in the spring of 2014. Click here to learn more.

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It looks like the nesting season for American Kestrels in Boise, Idaho may be starting up a bit early this year! We have been seeing both a male and female kestrel digging a small indentation, or a "scrape," since early last week. This could mean that the first egg this year could come any day now! For comparison, the first egg of last year was laid on April 19th.

The camera is still uploading one screenshot every 10 minutes, but we will be going live as soon as that first egg is laid. We hope you are as excited as we are!

As a male kestrel has been spotted using the nest box to sleep in this winter, we decided to make the kestrelcam live again! The camera now takes a picture and uploads it every 10 minutes above. Who knows what you may spot using the nextbox as shelter? So far, we've seen a kestrel male and a Northern Flicker roost consistantly in there.